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3M Innovation Readiness Assesment (1)_Página_1.png

3M Innovation Readiness Model and Assessment

3Ms of Innovation in 2023 that leaders need to focus on, mindset, metabolism and morals.

Celebrate Earth Day 2023 Impactfully.png

How businesses can celebrate Earth Day impactfully – A guide

Breaking down the theme, 'Invest in our planet' into an action plan.

Greenwashing Types.png

Types of Greenwashing 

Using external communication tactics to make the customers believe that the company's products/operations are environment friendly without substantiating those claims with any actual facts or data.


Types of Eco-emotions 

Eco-angst/Eco-Anger (eco-emotion) The feeling of anger caused by witnessing the planet’s suffering and the lack of action by leaders, establishments, industries, and nations.

El Nino.png

Understanding El Nino

A climatic event that disrupts global weather patterns due to the warming of surface waters in the Pacific Ocean. An El Niño weather pattern has taken hold and will strengthen through the end of this year and the first months of 2024.


5 Steps to avoid greenwashing 

5 steps to avoid greenwashing at your company

Technology Sectors for Climate Action.png

Technology sectors working for climate action

that are working towards sustaining our future on this planet.

New Sustainability APIs by Google  A Technology Mindset Catalyst Guide  (1588 × 2246 px).p

 New Sustainability Tools by Google - A guide by TFI 

Using the newly launched Google Maps platform APIs for SUSTAINABILITY

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