Reading is a big deal at Technology for Impact. We are all proud bookworms and we’ll be sharing our best, most insightful and strategically important book recommendations with you, covering our five areas of expertise.

This week we recommend Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by nature, by the wonderful Janine Benyus.

Janine’s book is all about the ways in which we can (and definitely should) learn from nature in order to solve problems with elegant, lightweight and intelligent solutions. Prepare yourself for mind-blowing stories and examples of the people leading the future inspired by the best innovation and invention expert of the planet: Nature.

What’s in it for you as a leader and for your organization:

If you believe this is not for you, your sector or your organization, please reconsider and have a look at all the global companies already innovating through biomimicry. From Nike to Procter and Gamble; from governments to financial institutions, nature has valuable lessons for all of us. Increase your organization’s environmental impact, reduce costs, do more with less, disrupt whole industries and strengthen one key fit for the future leadership skill: the ability to innovate and build strategies, processes and business models through nature’s point of view.

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