Technology for


Technology for Impact is a next generation boutique consulting firm that works with boards, companies, governments, PE&VC funds, startups and international organizations to make a transition from a shareholder to a stakeholder mindset and business model by harnessing the power of our five areas of expertise:

● Strategy and Leadership
● Sustainability and Impact
● Exponential Technologies and Ethics
● Future Foresight
● Disruptive Innovation

We inspire, empower and connect leaders and organizations with a shared global vision, roadmap and checklist, no matter the sector or industry.

In the new digital global context, today’s and tomorrow’s citizens, consumers, and employees are demanding better products, services, and experiences that have a positive social and environmental impact. Moreover, we as a global society cannot afford to keep living and doing business under the same shareholder-focused model.

Change is no longer only an option; it is the moral imperative of our generation.


We are a team of determined, professional, and laser focused experts with one clear goal: helping organizations transform into agents of prosperity and positive impact by moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder mindset and business model. From impact strategy and future-proof leadership to the ESGDs standard, impact metrics, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and beyond, we will kickstart your organization into becoming a sustainable high-growth, high- impact pioneer.



Curated Knowledge

Information does not equal knowledge. Leaders and organizations are drowned in information coming in all sorts of forms and shapes, from analyses, projections and articles, to webinars, emails and messages…

Strategic Services

What is a Stakeholder Strategy? Why do organizations need to move to a stakeholder model? What does it entail? What is the Stakeholder Manifesto? Who are your organization’s stakeholders? What is important to each…

Future Foresight

What does the future look like? Nobody knows, especially those who claim to do so. Dismissing the importance of future studies and foresight, however, would be a mistake. The question is not whether one should or should…




Introducing the greatest innovator in the world

Reading is a big deal for us. We are all proud bookworms, that’s why we are sharing our best, most insightful and strategically important book recommendations with you, covering our five areas of expertise. This week we recommend Biomimicry: Innovation inspired by nature, by the wonderful Janine Banyus.

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