We are a team of determined, professional, and laser focused experts with one clear goal: helping organizations transform into agents of prosperity and positive impact by moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder mindset and business model. From impact strategy and future-proof leadership to the ESGDs standard, impact metrics, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and beyond, we will kickstart your organization into becoming a sustainable high-growth, high- impact pioneer.

We draw our unique delivery from a multi-systems approach where the best from business, biology, philosophy, economics, computer science, medicine, and dozens of disciplines and fields is distilled into powerful future-proof strategies and business models.

Based on state-of-the-art innovation, future foresight, design, business development and impact models, we develop personalized frameworks and methodologies for each specific challenge.

With the power of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, blockchain, internet of things, bio- and nanotechnology, virtual and augmented reality, 5G and quantum computing, we help our partners unlock new and high-value revenue streams by co-creating distinct stakeholder focused future maps and scenarios, business models, processes, and mindsets.

Being an industry agnostic firm, our partners and clients come from all sectors, because change is needed everywhere. However, to generate positive impact, we only work with those leaders and organizations who are truly capable of and committed to change.

Founded at the end of 2017, we have dedicated our first two years to mapping global challenges and connecting with key actors and changemakers. As a result, Technology for Impact has a global network of top of the class organizations, polymaths and experts to guarantee the best insights and outputs.

From talks and workshops to network, platform and ecosystem design; from leveraging the power of community and storytelling to supply chain and processes disruption; from strategy overhaul and cultural transformation to becoming social and environmental pioneers, we are there to support you and your organization to lead the future.

Improving our relationship with nature and with each other as a society by doing business has never been more urgent and more achievable. Let’s do it together, the time is now.