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We are a team of determined, professional, and laser focused experts with one clear goal: helping organizations transform into agents of prosperity, peace and positive impact by moving from a shareholder to a stakeholder mindset and business model. From impact strategy and future-proof leadership to the ESGDs standard, impact metrics, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and beyond, we will kickstart your organization into becoming a sustainable high-growth, high- impact pioneer.


We create carefully curated and bespoke presentations, reports and talks to inspire (or shock) your organization into action. Our work harnesses the power of social and environmental sciences, philosophy, biotechnology, economics, behavioral psychology and multiple fields to support real systemic change.

We support each step of your project through our five areas of expertise and tailor-made proprietary tools and frameworks designed to develop sustainable and unique strategies, leadership and business models, processes, products and mindsets. From Stakeholder Maps to cutting-edge Sustainability Reports to impact-driven Strategic Narratives, we equip your organization with a future-proof toolbox like no other.

We connect your organization and leadership team with its local and global stakeholder communities, innovation ecosystems and unusual networks to scale impact and continuously identify and develop new opportunities. The future is based on collaboration, we offer you a first row seat to our global network.


Knowledge empowers you to make smart decisions and face the future with confidence. Stay informed and ahead of the game with our carefully curated selection of innovations, articles, events, our top of the class FlashClasses, break-throughs, book recommendations and leaders you should know about, among many other exciting and thought-provoking ideas.